Join 330+ travel bloggers and level up your blogging skills so that you can grow your website traffic and make predictable passive income.

Here is what you've been told to do when trying to
make money with your travel blog...
Grow a large following on Instagram and Pinterest by posting stories, pins, and reels every single day. Rain or shine.

Spend 2+ years on outdated SEO strategies that bring minimal readers to your travel blog

 Ignore small amounts of traffic because you've been told you need a lot of readers to make money

 Buy another basic blogging course that doesn't focus on travel-related SEO or travel-related affiliate marketing strategies
Or you can bypass the social media hamster wheel and ditch the constant pinning on Pinterest. Learn to grow your audience with Google search and create predictable travel blog income through our top-rated coaching program,  Scale Your Travel Blog.
 Exponentially grow your blog readers by learning updated blogging strategies [SEO] (that work a lot faster than typical SEO practices)

 Make money from your website even if you have a small blog and fewer readers than you wish you had

 Set your blog up for predictable income by applying our email marketing practices (the vital piece of the blogging puzzle that most travel bloggers ignore)

 Become financially and location independent by being your own boss and writing about the thing you love most... travel!

What's Included In Scale Your Travel Blog?
- Entire Scale Your Travel Blog Course

  • 7 full step-by-step video lessons [watch over my shoulder]
  • 10+ bonus lessons
  • Templates, blogging tool discounts, & more

- Scale Your Travel Blog Facebook Mastermind

  • Get your questions answered quickly
  • Network and connect with others in the community
  • Discover ways to collaborate with other bloggers
  • Surprise Q&As [available for everyone - these are an added bonus for additional support]

- Complete Site Audit

  • Two-part recorded site audit [approximately 1.5 hours in length]
  • Step-by-step website walk-through [assessing all possible SEO issues and all areas we can work on for immediate growth]

- Keywords

In order to write blog posts that attract readers, you need to find topics people are looking for on Google. In the SEO world, these are called keywords. We find the best keywords for you to write about that will help you grow your blog faster.

  • 25 keywords included [additional keywords are included with your site audit]

- Blog Post Outlines

To grow your website readers, you'll need to rank on Google. We help you rank on Google by creating blog post outlines for your specific niche.

  • 6 outlines included [additional keywords are included with your site audit]

- Blog Post Reviews

To make sure all bases are covered, we also review your blog posts to make sure you've written them in a way that will help you rank higher on Google.

  • 6 blog post reviews included [to be used whenever you'd like]

- Group Coaching
  • Monthly group coaching calls
    • Covering various blogging topics including mindset, additional ways to make money with your travel blog, affiliate marketing deep dives, and more.
  • Guest speaking appearances from other top bloggers, tax professionals, and other successful entrepreneurs
  • 12 group coaching sessions included [to be used whenever you'd like]

- Q+As
  • Monthly Q+As
    • Get all of your burning questions answered each month with a live Q+A
  • 6 formal Q+As (via Zoom) included [unlimited Q+As occur each week in our Facebook group as a bonus]

- Coffee Hour
  • Monthly coffee hours
    • These coffee hours are held to build community and network with other bloggers.
    • Our coffee hours are just for fun; we play games, give out prizes like monthly subscriptions to blogging tools, and more.
  • Unlimited access

Getting to this point with our travel blog was not easy. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Blogging takes time and effort.
When I first started travel blogging in 2014, I tried everything under the sun to make money with my website. I wrote blog posts consistently for over 3 years. I spent 35+ hours per week trying to grow our Instagram account. We even reached over 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest.

And not one of those things worked. Not one dollar went into our bank account from any of these exhausting efforts.

After taking vague course after vague course, listening to countless hours of podcasts about blogging, and reading every ebook I could get my hands on, I finally pieced together the strategies necessary to make money from our blog.

But our journey didn't end there. It took several years to perfect the skills that would ultimately bring us (and so many of our students) success.

Our goal with Scale Your Travel Blog is to simplify the travel blogging process so that you can bypass all the noise and start making money from your blog faster.

Student Testimonials

But don't just take it from us. Here's what our students have to say about Scale Your Travel Blog:

"I joined [when I was] somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 sessions monthly. Within six weeks, I am now over 75,000 sessions."

- Nina Clapperton, Nina Out & About

"[I am] just about hitting 150,000 monthly website traffic. I'm doing over $10,000 dollar months, starting from zero like everybody else.."

- Shelley Marmor, Travel Mexico Solo

Check out more Scale Your Travel Blog wins & success stories:

--> <--

Scale Your Travel Blog Module Breakdown
(What You'll Learn)

With Scale Your Travel Blog, you'll learn exactly how to go from hobby blogger to full-time blogger. Here's what you'll learn step-by-step:

Module 1: Introduction + Mindset

How to efficiently go through this course

Joining our private Facebook mastermind group where you'll receive extensive support from us and the community

The most common ways to earn money with your travel blog and additional ways to earn money from your site or travel blogging skills.

How long it will be before your blog earns money - a straightforward timeline

Module 2: Scale With SEO (SEO For Travel Blogs + Beyond)

In the second module, we'll dive deep into SEO strategies. This module is extensive, but we walk you through everything step-by-step so that it's easy to understand. We'll talk about:

How to make Google like you quickly by getting 'backlinks' (we show you the exact steps)

How to make Google trust your website more by optimizing your site for E-A-T

Setting your travel blog up so that your readers are happy and Google is happy

How to make your travel blog load quickly so you aren't punished

How to find the best topics for growing the number of readers on your site (also called keyword research)

How to get readers to your site quickly even if you're a new blogger (a secret keyword research trick you NEED to use)

How to write blog posts that ranking in the top 10 of Google

Module 3: SEO For Old Blog Posts

This module will help you fix old blog posts so that you can increase your readers with content you already have. This will always come in handy if you need to update blog posts in the future, too. Here's what you'll learn:

Determine what to do with old blog posts (is it more beneficial to keep them, update them, delete them, or repurpose them?)

Using Google Search Console (a free tool) to improve old posts and grow your traffic

The exact steps you need to take to optimize posts that aren't getting readers from Google

Module 4: SEO For Old Blog Posts

This module focuses on earning money with your travel blog through ads. We will specifically talk about:

Finding the perfect ad network and reaching blog traffic requirements

Optimizing blog posts so that you can increase your ad revenue

Module 5: Scaling With Affiliate Marketing

The easiest and fastest way to earn money with your travel blog is through affiliate marketing. We cover every aspect of affiliate marketing in this module. Here's what we cover:

Finding the perfect topics to write about that lead to money in your pocket (for recommending products you already love like REI, the National Parks, Skyscanner,, and thousands of other brands/companies)

How to join these affiliate programs so that you can start to make money (yes, they accept you even if you're brand new) 

Top secrets for turning readers into natural buyers (without feeling sleazy) 

Module 6: Scaling With Email Marketing

How email marketing can greatly increase your affiliate income (and other potential income streams) each month

How to start and build an email list that interacts with you and buys from you!

How to recommend affiliate products (products you love and use yourself anyway) to your email list without being salesy

Module 7: Scaling With Sponsorships

This module is all about earning money by leveraging your travel blog and partnering with companies who want to get in front of your readers (yes, even if you don't have a ton of readers). Here's what you'll learn:

How to choose the best brands to partner with

How to connect with these brands and get on their radar

How to pitch and land these sponsorship deals with confidence (regardless of your audience size)

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Generate
Unstoppable Momentum...
Bonus #1: Protecting your blog with a privacy policy template

Privacy policies and disclaimers are confusing (to say the least). This bonus lesson will help you figure out what you need in order to keep your blog compliant.

Bonus #2: A Coursework Success Blueprint

Use this guide to make your travel blogging journey so much easier. You'll know what to do and when to do it!

Bonus #3: The Secret You Need to Know To Earn Even More With Affiliate Marketing

Understand the one thing that will triple your earnings through affiliate marketing overnight.

Bonus #4: How To Write Up-To-Date & Accurate Blog Posts Without A Lot of Personal Experience
As a travel blogger, there will be times when you need to write about things you don't have a lot of experience with in order to write a complete and honest blog post. This bonus helps you understand exactly how to report on this with accuracy.

The easiest way to drive thousands of readers to your travel blog each day

Proper and extensive SEO strategies that will take your blog post to the top of Google search results

How to gain quality backlinks to your website and increase your authority with Google

Deep dive affiliate marketing skills that will allow you to earn money while you sleep (or travel!)

How to start, grow, and gain trust with your email list so that you can increase affiliate sales

The steps necessary to find and reach out to brands for sponsored and paid collaborations

The #1 secret to earning even more with your blog through affiliate marketing

... and much, much more!

Scale Your Travel Blog everything you need to know to be successful as a travel blogger.

Get The Website Traffic You NEED
We started to use the RIGHT travel blogging strategies here (August 2019):
It took us 14 months to go from this to this:
Our Own Results

These are just a few screenshots of our monthly blog income including our ad network and affiliate partners.

- Our Guarantee -

We thoroughly believe in the content we create and have spent years testing and retesting our strategies with hundreds of websites and students.

SEO is a formula that works when you do it correctly. Therefore, we guarantee that if you put in the work, you will see the results. While this doesn't happen overnight, we do guarantee it.

With that said, if you don't feel our program is of value, we will refund your money within the first 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is this course for?
    We work with travel bloggers at any stage of their journey. Scale Your Travel Blog is the ultimate resource, which we created so that you don't have to buy thousands of other courses.

    If you are an aspiring, beginner, intermediate, or advanced travel blogger and you're looking to make money (or more money) from your travel blog, we can help!
  • Who should not take this course?
    If you're looking for a quick fix or overnight success, this isn't it. If you're not willing to work for results, this won't be a good fit. It takes time and effort to see your travel blog grow to a six-figure income and beyond.

    Alternatively, if you've already scaled your travel blog and currently earn more than six figures from ads and affiliate marketing, I wouldn't enroll simply because you've likely uncovered the travel blogging strategies necessary to succeed. Congratulations, friend!
  • Do I need to be tech savvy for travel blogging?
    You do not need to be a professional coder to be a travel blogger. Heck, you don't even need to be very tech-savvy. You should know how to work with a computer and be adaptable to learning new things, but generally, the way we explain things is easy to digest. You will be watching over my shoulder as I show you these things.

    Note: We have a wide age range of students in Scale Your Travel Blog. The majority of our students are between the ages of 25-40, but we have plenty of older and younger students. Our oldest student is 73 years old!
  • Is Scale Your Travel Blog ONLY for travel blogs?
    Not at all. While we do have the word 'travel' in our name, Scale Your Travel Blog can be used for any blog with any niche. You can even use the SEO strategies found in Scale Your Travel Blog to grow email lists, increase visibility and leads for small businesses, and more.
  • I haven't started my travel blog yet. Should I still enroll in Scale Your Travel Blog?
    Yes! While our course is for any travel blogger at any stage, we've constructed an entire bonus module for people who are just starting out.

    When I first started my travel blog, I set my site up incorrectly TWICE. It's not as cut and dry as it may seem. To ensure you've set up and started your blog the right way, you'll want to follow someone else's lead. It will save you money and time in the long run.

    Once you've set your site up using the bonus module found in Scale Your Travel Blog, you can continue through the course and learn things like SEO and affiliate marketing. You'll want to know these strategies from the get-go because going back to fix old blog posts is a pain in the butt. And unfortunately, ALL blog posts matter to Google, not just the SEO-optimized posts.

    Start the right way so you don't have to ever look back.
  • When does this course start and finish?
    Our course is at your disposal as soon as you sign up. You'll have lifetime access to the course portion of Scale Your Travel Blog.

    You'll be able to use the rest of the done-for-you blogging tasks whenever indicated in the 'Next Steps' guide. We created this guide to help you move along the blogging process, grow your blog, and use our task items when it's most beneficial for you.

  • Will my blog make money after this course?
    I can say with certainty that if you implement the strategies taught in this course, you will earn money with your blog. Yes.

    But, you must put in the work and stay the course. Blogging is not easy. We are very upfront about that. It does take time to grow. The amount of time it takes will depend on the amount of effort you can put toward your blog and how well you implement SEO and affiliate marketing. The smarter you work, the faster you'll grow!
  • Do I get one-on-one coaching?
    Scale Your Travel Blog includes group coaching. We've found this to be much more efficient for our students. Our program has seen many iterations so that we can provide the absolute best support for our students. We've found that our program is so thorough that students don't need one-on-one support.

    Above all, our goal is to help you see success with your blog and we've found the perfect recipe for that. Unlike many other courses, we've set up extensive support in all areas we see our students struggle with the most (keywords, outlines, and blog post checks). We are confident in the service we've created and fully believe this is exactly what you need to see success with your blog.

    *Note: One-on-one coaching can be added for an additional cost.

Is This Really Right For You?
Do you think about quitting your soul-sucking 9-5 job so that you can travel the world and do something you're actually passionate about?

Maybe you're a current travel blogger but you just can't seem to turn a profit from your website..

Perhaps you can't quite grasp SEO and how to use it to grow your website traffic.

Maybe you've felt overwhelmed at the thought of email marketing and you're not sure how it can benefit your travel blog and increase your income..

Or maybe you are earning money from your travel blog, but not enough to support you full-time.
If you relate to ANY of the things mentioned above, Scale Your Travel Blog was created for you.

That's right! Scale Your Travel Blog was created FOR you BY you.

Hi, I'm Laura! And I'm you1

I'm a complete geek when it comes to travel blogging because it has literally changed our lives.

We've experienced firsthand what it feels like to move to "life on the road" as travel bloggers after slaving away at jobs we didn't care about. We are you.

Earning our first dollar through our travel blog felt like one MILLION dollars because it no longer was just an idea. I knew that if I could make one dollar from our blog, I could make this my full-time job. And I know you feel the same way.

More than anything else, I can't wait to share that moment with you and every victory along the way.

Should you join us in Scale Your Travel Blog, I personally guarantee that these next few months will blow your mind.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Scale Your Travel Blog.

ALL our best,

Mike & Laura

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